February 4th, 2005

wish, hope, life


I really hate this cold. And I get the feeling that it hates me right back. I have no NyQuil with which to defend myself.

I even watched the State of the Union to distract myself from it, but that kinda backfired when I started punching myself in the eye to distract myself from the State of the Union.

And now I've missed two days of work. With no paid sick days, that's gonna suck. And when the time comes round for my contract renewal, they're gonna pop up again and bite me in the ass....


Meanwhile, I'm not sure why this is news:

CNN.com - Marine general: It's 'fun to shoot people'

I mean, isn't that what these guys are for? In the words of the immortal Bill Hicks, "Aren't y'all HIRED KILLERS?!"

Fuck 'em. If we have to send guys off to war, they should at least be the type that enjoys it. Better to have 'em having their fun on a bunch of misogynistic, chauvenist, stone-age, fundamentalist motherfuckers 7,000 miles away than sitting at home over in the US wondering where their veteran's pay is and just how much of a fuss they have to kick up before it arrives.
wish, hope, life

Hee hee hee....

Star Wars Episode III: A Lost Hope

"Aaaaaooow! This helmet is CHAFING my EYEBROWS! I SWEAR!!"
- Anakin / Vader

OBI-WAN: "I fear that Anakin is turning to the bleak blackness of the Dark Side."
MACE WINDU: "Why's everything gotta be *black* wit'chu?"

YODA: "Warned you, we tried. Listen, you did not. Now screwed, we all will be."

Awesomeness. Except for the "Pee on this" scene..... A bit much.