July 28th, 2005

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Back at the net cafe....

Well, my computer is still out, so I`m still limited to this place once a week...

Without the computer, I find I have a lot more free time to read. Since it went down, I`ve read:

Two books about American History, including "A People`s History of the United States," by Howard Zinn. Infuriating, depressing, enlightening. Recommended.

Harry Potter 6, to which I shall devote a seperate entry.

V for Vendetta, because I understand there`s a movie coming, and it couldn`t be more timely....

Crisis on Infinite Earths novelization, which was interesting, but not as good as I`d hoped.

What Every American Should Know About the Rest of the World - geopolitics (up to the end of 2003) in little, bite-sized chunks. I learned a lot of new things from that one....

On deck:

The Rape of Nanking and Rise of the Vulcans

I`m gonna have to hit up Maruzen for more books soon....

Summer continues unabated. We got a typhoon this week, but it pretty much ignored Kyoto. My main motivator has been a drive towards air conditioning - I can go to work, set the thermostat to 23 (centigrade) and not pay for it.... I should be up for a contract renewal next month. It`ll be number six, which is pretty much the point where NOVA starts trying to wait out the older teachers. No more pay raises, and they keep getting snippy about the sick days. Expect a rant...

Oh, before I forget, my sister will be playing in Hartford on the 29th of this month, opening for Jeffrey Gaines. It`s at the Webster Underground (wherever that is) and it`s $12. Check out her homepage for more info, and go see....

That`s about all there is to tell over here. Hopefully I`ll be getting my laptop back soon and I can stop bugging you all with photo entries....
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wish, hope, life

Sounds about right....

Via Everybody

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