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At least contempt is some kind of attention

I feel bad for Gay Republicans, I really do. They may not need my pity, but there it is.

I read about Homocon, a recent convention for gay Republicans, where Ann Coulter was one of the main speakers. With her usual sandpaper-like delicacy and tact, Ms. Coulter ran off some rather bad gay jokes, culminating in the quip that same-sex marriage “is not a civil right – you’re not black,” and then implying that because gay oppression is not comparable to black oppression, we should all just stop whining.

Like any population of people, gays and lesbians are going to have internal political differences. While I believe that being One Of Us does oblige you to favor social justice [1], there's nothing in the Gay Rules and Bylaws that says you can't favor small government over large, market freedom, aggressive national security, tax cuts and other conservative standards.

The problem for a politically or economically conservative gay or lesbian person is that they have nowhere to go but into the arms of the people who actively and openly hate them.

The Democrats are out, obviously, seeing as how even though they're nicer to queers, every other part of their agenda would be abhorrent to a Conservative. Third parties are fine and all, but let's face it - voting for the Libertarians isn't exactly hitching your wagon to a star.

All that's left for the conservative homosexual who wants to be politically active is the GOP, and going to them is like Wendy Torrance thinking that maybe Jack is just smashing through the door with a roque mallet to tell her he's awfully sorry about trying to kill her. [2]

Listen, Gay Republicans: your party hates you. [3] They would be perfectly happy if you just vanished from the political landscape. The only reason someone like Coulter comes to talk to you is because she gets off on abusing people who won't or can't hit back. You don't have the voting numbers that the conservative Christians do - hell, even NASCAR fans would be a better political investment. You're a trophy minority for the Republican Party - token fags that they can show off to their friends. You're in a classic abusive relationship, and you keep going back because you have this deluded vision that Maybe This Time Will Be Different.

But it won't. The GOP - and its twisted, mutie by-blow the Tea Party - are never going to sincerely welcome you in and fight for your rights. Not in our lifetimes, anyway. Every time you write a check for the RNC, you're giving aid and comfort to those who want you to get back in the closet and shut the hell up.

But right now, you have nowhere else to go, not if you want to remain true to your politics. That's why i pity you.

But my pity runs thin - you're choosing to be true to your politics rather than yourselves.

Maybe it's because you can't bear the thought that, if you go, no one in the party you supported will actually miss you. And maybe knowing you're alone is worse than throwing your lot in with those who despise you.


[1] If you're a member of an oppressed minority and you're opposed to the full and free civil rights of other oppressed minorities, then you're a cyclopean hypocrite and need to go away.

[2] The Shining? Anyone? Anyone?

[3] Individual Republicans may vary. I know plenty of (straight) Republicans who are very much in favor of gay civil rights and vote accordingly. But then, they don't have a horse in this particular race....

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